Heat wave intensifies in Punjab, Haryana

Chandigarh: Heat wave condition intensified further across Punjab and Haryana today with temperatures at some places crossing 46 degrees Celsius yesterday, the weather office here said.

Temperatures remained five to seven degrees above normal across both states.

Ludhiana in Punjab was the hottest in the region with the mercury hitting a high of 46.3 degrees Celsius. Amritsar recorded a high of 46.1 degrees.

Hisar was the hottest in Haryana with the mercury hitting a high of 46.2 degrees Celsius, five degrees above what is average for this time of the season.

Bhiwani recorded a high of 45.4 degrees while Narnaul recorded a high of 45.6 degrees.

Chandigarh had a high of 42.6 degrees, five degrees above average.

The weather office said that the temperatures would remain high in the coming three days and the weather would be dry and sunny.


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