Ghaziabad eases land policy for weaker sections

Ghaziabad, May 18 (IANS) The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has liberalised its policies to benefit small land holders, farmers and economically deprived section of the society, an official said Thursday.

GDA chairman Santosh Yadav said under the new rule even a building built-in an area of 90 square metres can be raised to a height of 15 metres (four-storeys).

The builder can even further raise its height if he provides parking facilities in the basement or on the first floor and fulfils the rules of the fire department.

The land holder can now construct a basement even on a 90 square metre plot but has to leave two metres of space on three sides, the official said.

Farmers will now be allotted six percent plot in lieu of their acquire land from the developed land at a minimum rate of Rs.3,500-4,000 per square metre, while the reserve price in this area would at least Rs.25,134 per square metre.

The builders do not build the designated 10 percent low income groups flats in their project.

Now the GDA will itself regulate the construction and it will allot such flats to the weaker sections and collect payments from them, the officer added.

This will ensure the proper allotment of the flats to the EWS (economic weaker sections) and LIG (low income group) people from the group housing developers’ lay out plan.

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