EPIC channel to screen only historical, mythological content

New Delhi, May 16 (IANS) EPIC, a new genre-specific channel, will offer content related to Indian history, folklore and mythology only. It will have a contemporary format.

Likely to go on air August 2013 subject to regulatory approval, the channel will be spearheaded by Mahesh Samat.

The idea for a ‘segmented’ channel catering to a select audience, emerged from the way multiplexes changed the country’s movie-viewing experience, where one could actually pick and choose the movie they wanted to see, says Mahesh Samat, managing director, Epic Television Network Pvt. Ltd.

“A family could watch different content based on their individual interests. With digitisation, we believe that there is an opportunity for ‘multiplexing’ television, where viewers have the choice to consume genre-specific content of their liking,” Samat said in a statement.

“EPIC will offer a compelling and modern take on Indian history and mythology. Our vision is to create a brand in television that will translate our vibrant past into entertainment with the objective of creating new intellectual properties, strong characters and new heroes that strike a chord with mass audiences,” he added.

The channel will have a mix of action, drama, comedy, supernatural and narrative non-fiction content, set against Indian historic and mythological eras.

Plans are to make the channel available on all Direct-To-Home and digital platforms across all major markets in India.

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