Danish TV show under fire for parading naked women

Copenhagen, May 2 (IANS) A Danish TV series, styled on popular show “X Factor”, has caused outrage after parading women without a stitch on in the programme.

The primetime show features a “series of silent women who walk in to a studio and slip out of their bathrobes in front of a leering host and his guest”, reports thesun.co.uk.

The duo run their eyes over the ladies in buff and controversially judge the women on their bodies.

In one clip, host Thomas Blachman even asks a woman “would you mind turning around for a moment”.

Critics have lambasted the show, hosted by Thomas Blachman, over its sexist humiliation of women.

However, Dane Blachman, a jazz musician, who claims to have created the idea himself, believes he is a “genius”. He said the aim was to “stir discussion about the aesthetics of the female body without allowing the conversation to become pornographic or politically correct”.

Adding to the explanation, he said: “I told them the entire idea of the show is to let men talk about the bodies of naked women while the woman is standing right in front of them. The female body thirsts for words… The words of a man… And they went for it.”

The show is aired on Denmark’s public service DR2 channel, but has faced a barrage of criticism since it came on TV earlier this month.

Presenter Blachman is said to have fled to his home in New York to escape the storm created by the programme.

He said: “Ungratefulness is the only thing that can really wear down the few geniuses who reside in our country. Remember, I am giving you something that you have never seen before. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

DR2 channel producer Sofia Fromberg also defended the show saying: “We have a programme that reveals what men think about the female body. Quite honestly, what is wrong with that?”

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