Beware of electing Congress, Modi cautions Karnataka voters

Mangalore/Belgaum, May 2 (IANS) Senior BJP leader and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi Thursday cautioned Karnataka’s electorate against voting for the Congress in the state legislative assembly poll May 5, as it had failed on all fronts at the national level.

“You have seen how the Congress-led UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government in Delhi has been faring during the last nine years, how it failed to control price rise, inflation and in how many scams it has been involved,” Modi said at a large public rally in the port city of Mangalore, about 350 km from Bangalore.

Asserting that the Congress had no shame in seeking votes, Modi told a gathering of about 25,000 people that the national party would spoil Karnataka also if elected, as it had the nation by ruling from Delhi.

“How dare the Congress ask for votes in Karnataka when it had ruined the country from Delhi. Beware of voting for the Congress as it would do to your state what it did to the nation,” Modi thundered in his 45-minute speech in Hindi at the sprawling Nehru grounds.

Targetting Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi by referring him as a “boy with a golden spoon”, Modi said if the scion believed in the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, then he should dismantle his party as the father of nation wanted it to be dissolved after India got independence.

“This Mr Golden Spoon (Rahul) says he follows the principals of Mahatma Gandhi. Does this Mr Golden Spoon know that Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dismantle the Congress party. Can Mr Golden Spoon tell us when will Congress be dismantled? We are in a hurry,” Modi said mockingly.

Singling out Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his tirade against the Congress-led UPA government, Modi said the controversy over the allocation of coal blocks had blackened the face of the country, as he was in-charge of the coal ministry when the ‘coalgate’ happened.

“What kind of governance and administration can you expect from the Congress when its prime minister promotes those who failed to perform,” Modi said alluring to the elevation of Sushilkumar Shinde to home minister from power minister last year.

Recalling that departure of the British led to swaraj (freedom) in the country, Modi said departure of the Congress from the state and at the national level in the next general elections would lead to “su-raj” (good governance).

Accusing the Congress of indulging in double-speak and double-standards, Modi said the culture of the Congress was always to say one thing and do something to deceive the people.

“If the Congress cannot safeguard Delhi, how can it take care of Karnataka. How can you rely on such a party which makes false promises?” Modi questioned and advised the electorate to think twice before casting their ballot on the polling day (Sunday).

Later, addressing the public at Belgaum in the northern region of the state, about 500km from Bangalore, during his day-long whirlwind tour of the state to campaign for the ruling BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), Modi said the assembly poll was crucial for the Karnataka as well as the country as it was the first election this year and would indicate which was the wind would blow.

“The choice is between vote-bank politics of the Congress, which appeases all sections of society to grab power and the development politics of the BJP, as evident from the progress Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chittisgarh have made under our party rule. Compare our performance record with that of the Congress-ruled states. You will know the difference,” he said.

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