World boxing body gives Uganda ultimatum to carry out elections

Kampala (Uganda), April 12 (IANS) The world boxing body AIBA (International Boxing Association) has given Uganda an ultimatum of May 4 to hold elections or face disciplinary action.

AIBA executive director Ho Kim sent a letter to Moses Mwase, secretary of the Uganda Amateur Boxing Federation (UABF) Constitution Review Committee, saying if the due process is not followed, Uganda risks being suspended from AIBA membership, reports Xinhua.

“We have provided all possible assistance to the UABF. However, AIBA cannot continue to wait for the UABF to reorganise itself. You should note that the AIBA executive committee has the power to decide to provisionally exclude the UABF from AIBA membership,” Kim said.

The world boxing body also advised the UABF Constitution Review Committee to meet and confirm its approval of the updated draft of the constitution as soon as possible.

“Once this has occurred, a detailed process will need to be put in place to arrange for the convening of a General Assembly at which (i) the new constitution will be approved by the UABF members; and (ii) the UABF elections will be held. Please keep AIBA fully informed about this process,” Kim said.

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