Why won’t Cheryl Cole do a fitness DVD?

London, April 20 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Cheryl Cole says she has no intentions of making a fitness DVD because she feels she looks awful when she works out.

Asked if she would ever come out with a fitness DVD, she said: “No, I look awful when I’m working out. The frizzy hair, the red face, it’s not a pretty sight.”

“It’s not something you’d want on a big TV screen, trust me,” she added, reports thesun.co.uk quoted.

The former Girls Aloud singer added that she has no career plans at all at the moment. But she reassured fans that she will not abandon music.

“It’s exciting that I actually don’t have any plans for once, because I got a little way in with the third album and then decided to put it to one side so I could focus on the Girls Aloud tour. Music is my life, my passion, my first love, so that will always be part of what I’m doing. But I actually don’t have any plans right now,” she said.

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