US-based Sikh right groups to release ‘Sadda Haq” in English

New York: With a motive to challenge an unconstitutional blanket ban on the movie “Sadda Haq” by the Punjab SAD (Badal) Government, the US-based Sikh right groups have declared to promote and sponsor the release of the English version of the movie worldwide.

The film Sadda Haq has been a non-starter in cinema halls across Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh, since its release on April 5, as Governments in both the states and the authorities in union territory imposed a ban on its screening.US-based Sikh right groups to release ‘Sadda Haq” in English

The movie highlights human rights violations against a religious minority in Punjab during the 1980-90s. It allegedly shows the police torture and other types of inhuman practices that were reported during that period. The movie has thus been banned from screening on the grounds of creating communal disharmony.

Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) have begun and international campaign in US and Canada to expose the genocide of Shikhs, and are therefore advocating to support Sadda Haq.  SJF has also initiated campaign in support for the movie of Facebook, where they already have over 100 thousand followers (and counting) from around the world.

Massive international publicity in favour of the movie can be a reason that’s propelled the US-based Sikh right groups to lend support for the release of the English version of Sadda Haq.

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