Tashu upset with ‘Mic Testing 143’ makers

Chennai, April 20 (IANS) Southern actress Tashu Kaushik, who opted out of upcoming romantic-comedy “Mic Testing 143” for personal reasons, is upset that her images are being used on the promotional posters of the film.

She says she is likely to take legal course of action if the makers don’t stop using her images.

“I don’t understand how can my images be used on the poster of a film I’m not part of anymore. I backed out of the project long back and declare that I’m not associated with it any longer. I will have to take legal action if the makers don’t stop using my images,” Tashu told IANS.

“They are using my images from the internet in the posters of the film. They have also started to circulate these posters online without my knowledge,” she added.

Following one day’s shoot, Tashu had to leave the project.

“I just shot for one day and waited for several months to be called to shoot the next schedule. However, I couldn’t wait after a point of time as I was occupied with work for other films and, therefore, I backed out from the film,” she said.

“I’m more concerned that they might use the portion I shot for in the film. I can’t let that happen because that’s unethical. Neither did I continue to work on the project nor gave them permission to use my images,” said Tashu.

Tashu is currently busy shooting for upcoming Telugu political-drama “Reporter”.

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