Stephen Fry caught in flight drama

London, April 2 (IANS) Actor Stephen Fry was recently caught in a flight drama thanks to an unruly passenger.

The flight was even delayed as the police had to be called to sort out the matter. Fry was on board awaiting take-off when staff announced there would be a delay while a person’s luggage was removed, but the incident escalated when cops arrived to speak to a traveller, reports

The actor narrated the drama on his Twitter page.

“Aaaargh! Just about to take off when ‘we have a problem with a passenger’ – turn back remove his/her luggage. At least an hour’s delay. Grrr. Amuse me, titillate me and delight me as this tedious nuisance unfolds… They’re not being informative. It could be illness it could be a drunken air-rage t**. Sorrow if the first…

“Ground staff are about to enter the plane and we have been asked ‘to turn off all camera or video devices’… weird. Turns out it was a belligerent a**ehole who insisted on smoking a cigar and insulting the crew. Police on plane now. What a d**k.”

The plane was eventually allowed to depart, and Fry returned to his page on the site 11 hours later to inform fans he had landed safely.

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