Shimla’s first revolving Top of the World restaurant ready for launch

Shimla: It’s truly a ‘Top of the World’ experience at the Shimla hills first revolving restaurant that is set in the backdrop of verdant woods which over look a deep and wide valley in the vicinity of a century old golf course at Naldehra.

Overlooking ‘The Chalets Naldehra’, a prized seat in the restaurant offers a deep view of the mighty Greater Himalayan snow ranges in the north-east, the Dharlaghat mountain ranges covered with grasslands in the west, the Shimla city with its suburbs of Dhalli and Summer Hill in the South and the thickly forested hills of Kufri-Charabra in the South-east.

Top of the World
Top of the World

“The octagonal shaped restaurant with all clear glass windows delicately enclosed in wooden frames made of imported Finland timber is designed to give the viewer an experience of flying without ever getting off the ground,” says Yatish Sood, owner of the property as he readies the place for launch.

Though ‘Top of the World’ restaurant is part of ‘The Chalets Naldehra’, a property affiliated with the Welcome Heritage Hotel group, but the package designed for experiencing a luncheon, a dinning or dancing evening at the revolving eatery has been kept independent of the guests staying at the hotel.

“Surely once someone occupies a table in the restaurant, one may not get out for the whole day,” says Yatish. “Because of the limited number of tables available, we have decided to book one by the hour to accommodate more guest who would want to get what a Top of the World experience can be.”

To be launched tomorrow, the Top of the World, revolving restaurant, is an added experience that would be open for walk-in guests.

The Chalets Naldehra rests over grassy acres of a sunlit spur that reaches out form a thick deodar forest and opens to the view of a wide valley.

Chalets Top of the World
Chalets Top of the World

The 40 room accommodation, styled after internationally sought after log homes, is so designed to ensure privacy that one cannot see more than two to three cottages from any side.

Solar heated spa facilities with ayurvedic massage therapy, steam sauna and Jacuzzi only add to the experience of luxurious indulgence.

Located close to the one of the oldest golf courses in South Asia, it’s not without reason that The Chalets Naldehra has come to be closely associated with the sport.

Chalets Naldhera Golf Trophy
Chalets Naldhera Golf Trophy

Other than hosting conferences for multi-national companies like Coke and IBM, the resort also boasts of sponsoring the running Chalets Naldehra golf cup, besides hosting several other golf tournaments.

The golfing experiences provided include the Lahore-Shimla friendship golf cup, ITC-Welcome Heritage cup, Times-Audi Golf Cup and several others.

Many like the highly revered Karmapa Lama have come over to enjoy a meal at the resort, those who have stayed over simply love the rooms and the views, many praise the warm and friendly service and some who desire a home in the hills – hold the Chalets Naldehra to the defining statement.

As Editor, Ravinder Makhaik leads a team of media professionals at Hill Post. Spanning a career of over two decades in mass communication, as a Documentary Filmmaker, TV journalist, Print Media journalist and with Online & Social Media, he brings with him a vast experience. He lives in Shimla.

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  1. says: BBKapur

    I have been to this elegant property a long back while visiting Shimla and enjoyed hospitality of It’s owner .
    I am sure this venture of hill top revolving restaurant is another feather in the cap of chalets ofNaldera innovated by enterprising Yatish Sood . I wish him all the best and many more sucesses in future .

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