Sanjauli crowd parking to get some space

Shimla: Getting rid of the parking problems in Sanjauli, the commercial complex for car parking is nearing completion and could partially solve the traffic problems in the suburb.

The multi-story commercial complex that will have floors specifically marked for parking space could help to ease the chaotic traffic conditions that prevail round the day from Sanjauli Chowk to Meena Bazaar.

Upcoming Sanjauli Parking
Upcoming Sanjauli Parking

Vehicle owners without any parking here tend to occupy public space by parking on both sides of the road that has almost extended from the end of Sanjauli bazaar to close to St Bede’s College at Naubahar Chowk.

Over the years the parking queues are only getting longer and longer with no parking solution in sight.

Students, hospital patients, office goers, residents of the locality, tourists heading out to Kufri, Naldehra and other tourist spots, and others are major users of this vital road who find the continuous traffic jams a hazard to using the stretch.

Those who park vehicles on unauthorized road space are handed out parking tickets and fined upto Rs 600 by the traffic police.

Rakesh Chauhan, a car owner said, “On the one hand, no provision of proper parking system has been made here and at the same time, we are fined for parking our vehicles at any side of the road. Where should we park our car, as a private parking near Sanjauli is always full.”

Vikas Sawant, a traffic policeman said, “Vehicle owners are allowed to park for a limited period of time but if anyone is noticed to be using the parking for more than the fixed time he is liable to pay a fine that could be Rs 500 or even Rs 600.

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  1. says: Swati

    Parking issues…A big time problem in Shimla.. But frankly speaking, it will never have a solution. The more number of parking spaces are provided, the more number of people will be encouraged to buy vehicles. It’s funny when people blame the government for not providing parking facilities.. Its like purchasing an AC and then asking the government to provide you a 2BHK so that u can fit in your AC and enjoy it. I mean the vehicle is yours, u bough it, u look for a safe parking place for it. Y should someone else be liable to your luxuries. The government is responsible to provide parking space in public areas i.e. near markets, parks, bus stations etc.

    Providing a parking space is mandatory in the building bye laws. but people prefer to use that space as a shop or just show it on the building plan rather than actually following what is mandated.

    If at all the government needs to be pressurized, it should be to strengthen the public transport system. Most of the successful countries in the world have a strong public transport system and thoughtful planning in terms of parking spaces, but they are successful because of the response of the public

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