Rajnath Singh steps up attack on UPA government

Mumbai, April 2 (IANS) BJP president Rajnath Singh Tuesday held the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government responsible for corruption, sorry state of economy and faulty planning.

Speaking to media persons in Mumbai, Rajnath Singh criticised the UPA government for the current account deficit that stands at a record 6.7 percent.

“The UPA is responsible for rampant corruption, wrong economic polices and incorrect planning. During the BJP-led NDA government, India had a current account surplus and six million job opportunities were created as against the mere 2.7 million during the UPA’s rule during 2004-09,” Singh said.

Stepping up his attack on the government, Rajnath Singh said that the earlier the Congress-led UPA government goes, the better it would be for the country.

“However, the BJP is not keen to destablise the UPA government. But if it falls due to its internal conflicts, then the BJP should not be blamed for it,” he said.

Rajnath Singh was in Maharashtra to tour the drought-hit Aurangabad and Jalna districts. While visiting the districts Monday, he blamed the central and state governments for their poor handling of the drought.

Rajnath Singh also stressed the need to introduce an insurance plan for farm income at a national level. He said that a similar scheme had been launched in 20 districts in the country on an experimental basis during his tenure as the union agriculture minister.

“The scheme envisages preparing estimates of minimum income of the agricultural land before sowing begins. In the wake of damage of crop due to any calamity, the farmer will be entitled for an assured income under scheme,” he said.

The BJP chief demanded additional funds for drought relief and rehabilitation in the state and called for Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar to make efforts to get more central allocation for Maharashtra.

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