Raavish Kumar, a multi-faceted artist with endless talent

With the motto “passion for any art is bliss,” Raavish Kumar a low profile multi-faceted artist propagates his skills and art forms in shape of painting and photography of Himachal culture and diversity.

Raavish Kumar, a 30-year-old artist resides in Pumta village of Chopal in Shimla district. Raavish is not only a multiple talented artist but also a very creative oil painter, photographer, dancer, musician and avid violinist.

Raavish kumar

Apart from his works reflecting diverse cultures of India and Himachal in particular, Raavish for now has painted more than 25 pictures covering subjects like nature, social themes and history besides other mythological subjects.

Raavish told Hill Post that he learnt oil painting in class X from one ‘Kuku’ who lives in BCS area of Shimla. In the year 1998, he told us, he received first price in interschool painting completion. 

He also informed that after seven years “I again started painting because I love to show my skill in form of paintings and want people should like it.”

Raavish stated that he also organizes music and dance performances with many rock bands. He informed that he has conducted many programs at JP University, NIT Hamirpur and many other institutes within Himachal Pradesh.

One of Raavish’s oil paintings was showcased on First Look which directly shows his talent and creativity.

Raavish told us that he started photography with a mobile phone four years back and now he loves to take photographs of people, places and culture of Himachal Pradesh.

Speaking about his other achievement and talents Raavish said, “At present I am learning violin in western and Indian style and want to be like James Henor.”

Raavish also has fancy for glass painting, fabric painting, ceramic painting and sculpting images of famous personalities on tiny chalk pieces. He told us that he has made tiny sculptures of Jesus Christ, Buddha and Shirdhi Sai Baba on chalk.

Raavish talking to us about his simplicity and dedication towards work said, “Like the simplicity of Himachal’s culture, my inspirations are very are simple, yet amazingly versatile, but everyone would find it easy to associate with most of them.”

 “A work done with honesty always gets paid at the end,” he added. 

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