Paulina Rubio back to work after divorce

Miami, April 1 (IANS/EFE) Mexican singer Paulina Rubio decided to immerse herself in her work to forget all the troubles of her controversial divorce from Spanish businessman Nicolas “Colate” Vallejo-Najera.

Paulina Rubio and her ex agreed to share custody of their son, Andrea Nicolas, after the Madrid entrepreneur accepted the singer’s proposal to pay her $243,000 in three years and not the $1 million she originally demanded in a Miami court.

To leave the whole bitter experience behind, the Mexican returned to Miami and these days is shooting in Florida the musical TV program “La Voz Kids” (Kids Voice) together with Roberto Tapia and bachata singer Prince Royce, while preparing new material for an upcoming album.

During an interview with EFE, the singer refused to make a statement about her personal life but said she feels herself “a winner of a woman” in life and acknowledged that “to win you have to lose a lot”.

For her, “the most important thing is silence”, a rule she puts into practice minutes before beginning a concert so the recital will go well.

These days the “golden girl” is filming “La Voz Kids”, a program based on the television hit “The Voice”, a search for young musical talent that airs on Telemundo.

The Mexican will be a trainer of young singers, she said, in order to teach the future artists what they need to know in order to be successful in the industry and land a recording contract.

Referring to her next album, the singer said she still doesn’t know what her new songs will be about, but promised she will always be “full of inspiration” when writing them.

“I’m doing music, songs, and living to launch my 11th studio album,” she said.



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