NHRC notice on baby’s finger being chopped off

New Delhi, April 22 (IANS) The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Monday sought a report from the Rajasthan government over a one-year-old child losing his finger when a sweeper tried to remove an intra-cath device from his wrist in a government hospital.

“We have issued notice to secretary, ministry of health and family welfare, of Rajasthan and the superintendent of police, district Barmer, returnable in four weeks,” said an NHRC official.

The boy was admitted to a government hospital.

This raises a serious issue of violation of human rights on account of negligence of the public servant in discharge of their duties, he added.

“Reportedly, the ward sweeper was acting on the orders of a male nurse. After initial efforts to take out the intra-cath device proved futile, he picked up a pair of scissors to take the adhesive tapes off. While trying to do so, the child’s finger got chopped off,” he said.

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