Neoprene bikinis a hit at Fashion Rio

Rio de Janeiro, April 19 (IANS/EFE) Neoprene bikinis were a hit at Fashion Rio, one of Brazil’s largest fashion industry fairs, where designers are unveiling their Southern Hemisphere summer collections this week.

Designer Lenny Niemeyer, whose models were the next-to-last to hit the runway on day three of the event Wednesday, unveiled a futuristic beach collection featuring neoprene, the material used to make garments for competitive swimmers.

The models walked the runway with a cold white light as a background, creating a play of black on white.

“I thought it was super sophisticated and pretty, in the sense that she (Niemeyer) managed to place all the forms and volumes, working the shoulders using a type of slightly rigid neoprene, and bringing out the shape of the body, which is difficult,” fashion consultant Costanza Pascolato told EFE.

The yachting collection also featured skirts with a high waistline, cropped blouses and leather sandals.

Fashion house Cantao, for its part, unveiled a line of summer dresses, while Sacada treated the audience to a collection of open blouses and skirts designed to show off the leg.

Sacada used transparent materials on the upper parts of its garments and Cantao rolled out a line of dresses with strips that left models’ busts uncovered.

The third day of Fashion Rio also featured presentations by Andrea Marques, Oh Boy and TNG.



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