Madrasa burns students’ multi-media phones

Lucknow: The management of a madrasa in Banda, 212 km from here, have banned the use of multi-media phones by students. Authorities burnt many such phones found in possession of students at the Madrasa Jama Arabia Hathaura.

Madrasa authorities however made it plain that there was no objection to the use of ‘simple phones’.

The head of the madrasa, Maulana Kari Habeeb told: “The decision was a considered one, taken after it was noted that students were browsing anti-religion websites and immoral stuff.”

Teachers here had also objected to students logging on to social networking websites like Facebook, and “wasting time”.

More than 2,300 students are enrolled for a religious education at the madrasa. Students were warned that from now on, they would invite disciplinary action, that could include expulsion from the madrasa, if found in possession of a multi-media phone.

To ensure that the students took the diktat seriously, a bonfire was lit in the campus and mutli-media phones were burnt.


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