Latin America condemns Boston bombings

Mexico City, April 17 (IANS) Latin American countries joined the international community in condemning Monday’s twin bombings of the Boston Marathon.

Argentina’s foreign ministry issued a statement Tuesday “firmly” condemning the attacks, reports Xinhua.

“Violence against innocent people participating in a sporting event that celebrates fraternity between human beings underscores even more the cowardice of the intellectual authors of the bombings. We convey our solidarity to the people and government of the United States, and to the families of the victims,” the ministry said.

Argentina called on countries around the world “to continue to work together to restrict the arms trade, which has once again been used to murder innocent people.”

Cuban sports officials echoed the sentiments. Carlos Gattorno, director general of the Marabana-Maracuba running project, said: “We very much regret what happened in Boston, it was a very painful event. As directors of Marabana, the popular race with the highest participation in Cuba, we reject these incidents and convey our solidarity with the families of the victims and the organisers of the event.”

Uruguay voiced its “deepest condemnation” of the attacks and conveyed “its solidarity and condolences for the painful consequences of this deplorable act,” its foreign ministry said in a statement.

“Uruguay reiterates its longstanding and unchanging condemnation of terrorism and the use of violence, especially when directed at innocent and defenceless civilians (as in Monday’s) barbaric attack,” the ministry said.

The two bombs, which went off 17 seconds apart, killed three people, including an eight-year-old boy and injured more than 180.

The Boston Marathon is held annually since 1897, and some 27, 000 runners were competing in this year’s race.

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