Kullu hosts seminar on Women Empowerment in Cooperative

Kullu: A seminar for Women Empowerment in Cooperative was organized here with the motive to instigate women to participate in cooperative movements for their betterment.

The seminar, held under the collaborative sponsorship of The Regional Institute of Cooperative Management, Chandigarh and the District Cooperative Development Federation, Kullu, was organized with the purpose to encourage disadvantaged/low income women to develop awareness of their inner potential and strive to be better and live better.

Women based weaver cooperative bhuttico

Rajinder Sharma, Chairman of Regional Institute, inaugurated the seminar. In his opening speech Rajinder cited the example of Kullu’s Bhuttico – wherein women cooperative effort has made a significant difference.

He stressed on how the women-based weavers cooperative had earned a name for itself not only in India, but also in Asia Pacific and Europe.

In his key note, Rajinder also emphasized on importance of women participation in cooperative movements, for their own benefit and the benefit of society at large.

Almost 150 women participants from different cooperative societies along with many representatives of different Self-Help Groups actively participated in the discussion on various topics during the seminar.

Speakers, including Satparkash Thakur, former minister and chairman of Kullu District Federation reminded the participants that 97th constitutional Amendment Act makes it mandatory for women to participate in cooperative management. Thus, women should ensure their role in the cooperative movement and contribute equally in their management.

Himachal Pradesh needs a lot more of these inspirational seminars to get women to participate in cooperatives more extensively. Participation of women in cooperative management is important because the skill attained by women will make them more independent, which will definitely add to their influence in the family and the community.

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