Influential background didn’t help Lalit Modi’s niece Jayati

Mumbai, April 27 (IANS) Former Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman Lalit Modi’s niece, Jayati Modi, is all set to make her debut with Dharma Productions’ “Gippi”. The young actress says her selection in the film had nothing to do with the fact that she comes from an influential background.

“The fact that I am his niece held no influence on me being a part of the film,” she told IANS.

“No one even knew of all this till the end of the shoot,” she added.

The actress said that she was always aware that such questions will be raised, but she believes it is unfair for people to assume these things.

“The whole thing behind doing this movie is that I have done it on my own. To think that this could have happened because I come from an influential family is unfair. But I guess opinions will be raised. But I know the effort I put in,” she said.

Jayati, a teenager, said she had to go through grilling auditions to bag the role.

“I auditioned for the role. I gave three rounds of auditions. I was nervous before giving it. It was a two to three week-long process,” she said.

In “Gippi”, releasing May 10, Jayati plays the lead character’s arch rival. She loves her part.

“I think its great to play the role I am playing. I can relate to both Gippi’s and my role But doing an innocent kid’s role is simple. Here it was a challenge,” she said.

“She is the queen bee of the school. She is a role model figure. She is amazing at sports, studies and good looking. But the character is fake and makes fun of people. She has a superiority complex. She has made a lot of enemies. She is Gippi’s main arch enemy,” said Jayati.

Nevertheless, the actress fears being type cast as a child actor.

“I don’t want to be branded as a child actor. I would like to do mainstream films,” she said, adding that she doesn’t have any more offers as of now.

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