Iccha’s death in ‘Uttaran’ means progression: Vaishali Takkar

Mumbai, April 11 (IANS) Iccha, one of the lead characters in “Uttaran”, dies in the popular TV show. Vaishali Takkar, who plays her onscreen mom, says such things happen in a serial and feels viewers won’t miss Iccha as Meethi will compensate for her absence.

“Iccha is a very strong character, but if we talk about a serial, as the story progresses the characters have to move forward. They meet and separate. This is a progression,” Vaishali said here Wednesday on the sets of the show.

Tina Dutta, who played Iccha, has a double role – she also plays Meethi, Iccha’s daughter.

“I believe this is our story’s progression. Iccha has gone but there is Meethi. It is linked in a way that the audience will not really miss Iccha,” she added.

The show is the story of Iccha, who comes from a marginal background, and her super rich friend Tapasya, played by Rashmi Desai. In last five years, there lives underwent various ups and downs.

“Uttaran”, which went on air Dec 1, 2008, has completed 1100 episodes and Vishali says the story has been the show’s strong point.

“Every serial runs on a story and story is the biggest thing in our show. ‘Uttaran’ has completed 1100 episodes and the audience has been with us always because our story has been strong. Our story will continue to remain strong,” she said.

The show also stars Vikas Bhalla as Veer and Gaurav Chopra as Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore.

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