Hungry for more wins, fans back KKR on Facebook

Kolkata, April 28 (IANS) With defending champions Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) having finally snatched a victory in the sixth edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) after a string of losses, fans are now back on the bandwagon – to cheer their team onto reclaiming the title.

One glance at the pages of KKR fan clubs on social networking sites like Facebook tells you that fans are now raring to go with their team all through to the end.

Kolkata Knight Riders grabbed a six-wicket win over Kings XI Punjab in their crucial match at the Eden Gardens here April 26.

Written in capital letters, a post on ‘KKR Fan Club 2013’ reads “This team is bound to give huge results!”

“At last a win for KKR!,” read a comment on the page of ‘KKR Rox’.

“We have got your back,” says another.

Anticipation runs high as evidenced by comments like “Can KKR repeat the result of 2012” and “Luck has started favouring KKR”.

The same followers had been booing and lashing out at the Knights up until the significant win.

Prior to April 26, posts by angry fans laced with sarcasm implored the knights to better their performance.

A post in KKR Fan Club said, “Do not be lazy. Kindly improve your batting please.”

Miffed by its defeats, a member ranted, “What are you all doing.”

A follower of IPL from Nepal, via the page ‘Only KKR FANSS 2013’, urged the team to play McCullum.

“We are the great fan of KKR from Nepal. But the way that KKR is playing is so bad. Its hurting so much. So please please please I am requesting last time that please McCullum ko khelao.”

Some had even suggested tips to improve KKR’s performance, albeit in a leering way.

“Take a Cadbury Dairy Milk. It will help you to win the match. Kuch meetha ho jaye. (Let’s have something sweet),” ran a post on the page ‘KKR’.

–Indo-Asian News Service


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