Healthcare at Nahan government hospital in dire straits

Nahan (Himachal Pradesh): Conditions never seem to improve in government hospitals in Himachal Pradesh. Standards of public healthcare in these institutions is only and many of those coming for treatments in these hospitals only end up acquiring hospital induced illnesses.

The government hospital at Nahan is no exception for the conditions are appalling. Some things never change. The environment is sickening.

Each year, huge public funds are spent to keep the place clean but the institution is anything but a hygienic place for treatment.

Water supply is broken down; washrooms are stinking and dirty; stagnant water in trenches around the hospital compound is a congenial place for mosquitoes to breed and proliferate; conditions at the hospital are much worse than one can imagine.

For a patient needing treatment, it is a very frustrating but we don’t we have options. Do we?” asks Rahul, a relative attending on a patient at the hospital.

Not just the hospital environment at Nahan, another problem is shortage of equipments.

Most of the medication is not available in the hospital and people have to buy them from chemists shops, who charge higher rates.

Should a patient needs blood transfusion, he better come with someone can donate some blood, f or the blood bank is virtually without stocks.

If a patient requires an immediate surgical procedure, the only anesthetic at the hospital may not be available for the day.

With the sick thronging the place, many patients can been seen lying on the ground, sometimes in open sun as there is shortage of beds and caregivers.

Most of the wheel chairs to move the sick around the place are in a broken condition, making it even more difficult for the family and attendants of a sick person to attend on the person.

And Nahan is no village, but the district headquarters of a district. The reality that hits you about the conditions at Nahan Government Hospital simply shocks.

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  1. says: Nakul

    This all happenes because of ill fate of this hill town. Every time in assembly we select an MLA of opposition. In last many elections, we vote for candidate of opposition, being well aware about the political situation in state, that the ruling party will change, we opt for oppsition.

    And on top of it, all out local leaders are lazy. They love to rest in their Villa’s, without even thinking about how to change situation. Because they know, they or their party candidates will be elected in the alternative elections.

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