Goa minister questioned over wife’s medical treatment

Panaji, April 3 (IANS) Controversy erupted in Goa Wednesday after the state health minister’s wife became the first patient to be treated in a plush private ward of a newly inaugurated government hospital.

Laxmikant Parsenkar’s wife Smita was recently admitted in the private ward of the Goa Medical College, which comes under the control of the state’s health minister. She was the first person to be treated there after its inauguration.

The issue was raised in the state assembly by Independent member Naresh Sawal.

“Please tell us how is it that your wife was the first patient to be admitted at the first ever private ward of the Goa Medical College, which you operate. Were there no other patients who were more deserving? Why did your wife have to inaugurate it?” Sawal asked the minister.

Parsenkar claimed it was only a “coincidence” that his wife was unwell, when the private ward was thrown open for the public.

“Now that the private ward is functional, any MLA, his wife or child can fall sick. They will be admitted,” Parsenkar, the former state Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president, said.

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