Gen-next monster icons to hit Indian toy market

Mumbai, April 23 (IANS) Cleo de Nile, Clawdeen Wolf and Lagoona Blue along with their friends attend Monster High, a school where they face their teenage battles and fulfil their dreams. Their other friends are Draculara and Frankie Stein. Sounds familiar?

The students at Monster High are the next next-generation progeny of legendary monster icons like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Werewolf, The Sea Monster and The Mummy.

These frighteningly fashionable female descendants will come to India in the form of fashion dolls to be launched Thursday by popular toy brand Mattel, whose Barbie dolls still find a place in every little girl’s toy closet.

The new series promises a fun and humorous storyline that captures all the awkward moments, which most teens experience in their upper-level school years along with the powerful bonds of friendship and the challenges of fitting in the group – all delivered through a “monster” chic aesthetic and tone.

Monster High as an imaginary school, hence becomes the battle ground and also the bonding platform for these five offsprings to create a history of their own.

“Monster High encompasses relatable characters and a rich storyline that is sure to resonate with tweens and teens in India. Monster High characters are teenage kids of the world’s most famous fictitious monsters who live out their high school journey like all other kids,” Karun Gera, country manager for Mattel India told IANS.

“Monster High has multiple touch points to engage our target audience girls in the 9-15 year age group with content, dolls, accessories and consumer products that are all high on fashion quotient,” he added.

Gera said that the brand has been a tremendous success internationally and launching it in India was the natural transition.

The Monster High Range in India will be accompanied by an animated series to be aired on a cartoon channels and other merchandise like accessories.

Mattel has also roped in theatre artist and film actress Shazahn Padamsee for a music video that will launch the range.

Next-gen monster descendants at a glance:

Frankie Stein: Frankie is the daughter of Frankenstein. Although a bit clumsy, she is polite and athletic and a good friend to have and be around. Frankie has black and white hair and her body is made of stitches and bolts, which tend to come off at odd hours.

Draculaura: Daughter of Count Dracula, she is 1,599 years young and cannot wait for her 1,600th birthday. Although a vampire, she is a vegan and does not like blood. She loves her makeup and clothes to be just right when she goes out but since she cannot see her own reflection in the mirror, she can never be sure. Her favourite colour is Pink.

Clawdeen Wolf: This 15-year-old daughter of The Werewolf is covered with fur. She carries a no-nonsense attitude and is extremely loyal to her friends. She is a fierce fashionista and loves shopping. Her pierced pointed ears add extra zing to her personality.

Lagoona Blue: Lagoona is the 15 year old daughter of The Sea Monster. She is a lovable and sporty tomboy who loves to surf and play beach volleyball with her friends. She loves her pet piranha, Neptune, who she secretly carries to Monster class in a special purse, which is actually a fish bowl.

Cleo de Nile – Cleo is the gorgeous daughter of The Mummy and is 5,842 years old. She dresses up like a true Egyptian princess with a headdress and exotic jewellery. Her favourite colour is gold and her favourite activity is ruling the halls of Monster High and being captain of the “fearleading” squad. Ironically, her least favourite subject is history.

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