Fashion Rio puts the focus on Andalusian woman

Rio de Janeiro, April 17 (IANS/EFE) The first night of Fashion Rio put the spotlight on the Andalusian woman, focusing on the sobriety and sensuality of the women from the Spanish region.

Fashion Rio, one of Brazil’s largest fashion industry fairs, used Monday night’s show by Filhas de Gaia, a brand created by designers Renata Salles and Marcela Calmon, to unveil fashions for the next Southern Hemisphere summer inspired by the sophisticated women and heat of Andalusia, while avoiding cliches.

The designs were punctuated by well-defined lines, with black and white one of the themes.

“We wanted a Latin thing, but not fantasist. It’s a pretty exclusive and sober Spain,” designer Renata Salles told EFE, referring to the Iberian inspiration for her collection.



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