Exhibition looks at Dali’s work with designer Rabanne

Los Angeles, April 24 (IANS/EFE) An exhibition at the Robert Berman Gallery in Los Angeles looks at the creative partnership among Spanish artist Salvador Dali, designer Paco Rabanne and Swiss photographer Jean Clemmer.

This is the first time that this Clemmer project has been shown in the US and the exhibition provides a look at two decades of images that serve as a prelude to the sexual revolution, organizers told EFE.

The “Jean Clemmer Collaborations Salvador Dali/Paco Rabanne” exhibition includes the 1962 “tableaux vivants” (living paintings) at Dali’s residence in Port Lligat, as well as photographs taken for fashion magazines.

“The works assemble this trinity of influence representing some of the most alluring photographic images of the decade encouraging what would soon become known as the sexual revolution, while asserting Surrealism was a timeless school of thought,” the gallery said in a statement.

The exhibition, which runs until April 28, also showcases nudes with accessories designed by Rabanne (“Nues”, 1968) and other works that feature projections on the bodies of women (“Metamorphosis”, 1974).

“Clemmer, who had become one of the most noted erotic photographers of his day, moved forward with Rabanne on the project Canned Candies featuring female nudes modeling the jewelry and costumes of Rabanne. This project became the book Nues, embracing a fusion of the most influential aspects of the 1960’s; a fascination with futurism and sensuality,” the gallery said.

The reproductions of works by Jean Clemmer (1926-2001) are on sale for prices ranging from $4,800 to $5,700.



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