Do only women fake orgasm?

London, April 16 (IANS) A research carried out by a Harvard academic has found a surprising number of men feigning ejaculation, just as a lot of women are known to lie about having reached their orgasm.

In his new book “Why Men Fake it: The Totally Unexpected Truth”, clinical professor of urology Abraham Morgentaler, recounts numerous stories of men confessing that they pretend to climax. But the surprise was their reason behind it.

Morgentaler tells a third of men admitted faking ejaculation. But they do it out of love, kindness and sexual insecurity, Daily Mail reported.

He says that once men are in committed relationships, they care about their partners more than themselves. For every man who behaves badly, “I can give you 10 who are dedicated and thoughtful and doing the best they know how to be a man and a solid partner”.

“It may seem unbelievable — not to mention physically impossible — but it is indeed possible for men to fake an orgasm (sic), although quite how they do this is kept under wraps.”

A recent study from the University of Kansas found 70 percent of women admitted faking orgasm while 30 percent of men admitted to having lied about ejaculation.

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