Delhi’s Invisible Children in Limca Book of Records with colorful hands

Delhi: Twenty-six street children here have qualified for the Limca Book of Records by putting approximately 9,000 hand prints on a white cloth in less than twelve-and-a-half minutes.

The hand print event was organized for the underprivileged children by NGO CHETNA at the National Bal Bhawan on 12th of April, which is celebrated as International Day for Street Children.

Delhi’s Street Children in Limca Book of Records

With the theme ‘We too exist’, the event on the International Day for Street Children gave these street children an opportunity to believe that they are no different to the others.

The event happened without any fanfare or media coverage, but it was probably the best day in lives of these Invisible Children, who have fled to the streets of the national capital because of being subject to poverty, alcoholism and violence at home.

CHETNA’s director Sanjay Gupta said, “The event is an impression of identity for these children, who are unrecognized”.

Elated by their feat, yet subdued by their presence in society the children were in mixed feeling, but one thing they all believed was that they want an identity in the society and this was a great way to mark their presence.

There are roughly 100 million street children around the world, therefore an initiative in form of International Day for Street Children with the objective to gather more support and awareness for these children is a welcome step.

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