Coven brings the femininity of the 1940s to Fashion Rio

Rio de Janeiro, April 18 (IANS/EFE) Brazilian label Coven unveiled a collection at Fashion Rio inspired by the femininity, austerity and elegance of the 1940s.

Coven opened its show for the Southern Hemisphere summer with a dress that featured what the fashion house’s director of style, Susana Bastos, describes as a “super neckline”.

The fashion house used a variety of materials, including cellophane thread and satin, in the designs it showcased at Fashion Rio, one of Brazil’s largest fashion industry fairs.

Coven’s dresses and skirts featured cellophane, giving them a transparent look inspired “by the structure of the wings of insects”, Bastos said.

“From a distance, an insect is something simple, of not much interest, but if you look closely, they have a world of textures and incredible colors,” the designer said.

Maria Filo, Iodice and Espaco Fashion also exhibited their collections on the second night of Fashion Rio.



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