Chinese who pushed man in front of train declared mentally ill

Beijing, April 1 (IANS) A Chinese man has been declared a mental patient by a court and sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment after he was convicted of pushing a passenger in front of a subway train and seriously injuring him.

The Beijing court said the man, surnamed Song and suffering from schizophrenia, was a “danger to public security”, Xinhua reported.

The court rejected an application from the man’s family to take care of him themselves at home.

Song, a Beijing resident, was convicted of pushing a passenger, surnamed Li, onto the subway tracks from the platform in November 2012.

Li was badly injured by the train.

Song was put under protective restraint measures in January after an assessment proved that he was suffering from mental illness and should be exempt from criminal penalties.

Song, whose mental illness was diagnosed in 2007, had on many occasions in 2012 been accused of beating other people without reason.

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