Chinese army officers asked to work as soldiers

Beijing, April 22 (IANS) Chinese army officers have been asked to work at the grassroots to gain valuable field experience from ordinary soldiers.

The directive has been issued by the general political department of the People’s Liberation Army, asking high-level cadres to work in company-level units briefly and have grassroots experience, Xinhua reported Sunday.

Xi Jinping, the country’s president and chairman of the central military commission (CMC), has approved the circular.

It has urged high-level army officials and the armed police to go to the units, especially those in far-off and impoverished regions and work as ordinary soldiers.

During their work in grassroots units, which should last not less than 15 days, officials will have to prepare their daily necessities and pay board fees just like others do.

They will be forbidden to travel for sight-seeing, receive gifts, attend banquets or meddle in sensitive army affairs.

Stressing grassroots units as the foundation and support for the army’s construction, the CMC attaches high importance to the order in the hope that high-level army officials could follow a righteous work style.

It wants the officials to develop emotional ties with grassroots units, the circular added.

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