Calvin Harris attacked with drink during performance

London, April 23 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Calvin Harris was reportedly attacked while performing at Project Club here during the weekend.

According to the sources, someone threw a drink at him while he was spinning the disc.

“Harris took it all in his stride. He even joked that next time he DJs, he’ll wear waterproofs,” quoted a source as saying.

The culprit was caught quickly and 95 percent of the clubbers didn’t even notice.

“Harris was a pro and carried on unfazed and ended up deejaying for extra time when a lot of lesser performers would have stormed off,” the source added.

It’s not hard for him to fill a four-hour set, his album “18 Months” is packed with top tracks.

The track, “I Need Your Love”, which features singer Ellie Goulding, has now become the eighth top ten from the album. That ranks him higher than Michael Jackson, who scored seven from 1991 album “Dangerous”.

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