Buses will now run in a gap of every 3 minutes in Shimla

Shimla: Private and government buses here will now run in a gap of every 3 minutes, a respite for all public transport users who were otherwise fed up of untimely bus services and delayed halts of private buses on all stops.

The decision was taken in the recently concluded meeting between the Regional Transport Officer and Private Bus operators in the Deputy Commissioner’s office premises here.

Bus timings in shimlaThe meeting was scheduled to change the timetable for all buses in the city, something that in spite of numerous permits allotted to new buses each year, wasn’t changed in the last ten years.

The meeting held yesterday concluded with a new draft timetable for buses and with consent that buses will now run in a gap of every 2.5 to 3 minutes in the city, so that the public is not hassled because of delay or lack of service.

Out of the present 102 private bus operators, 97 have expressed their approval of the proposal, while five operators opposed it.

Transport Department has given the operators a window of three days to file in their feedback and suggestions concerning the change in the timetable.

RTO informed that a new timetable will be prepared in the next seven days and will be implemented with immediate effect.

The Department for knowledge and convenience of the public will display the new timetable on the notice board.

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