Boston blasts’ eye-witness recalls Mumbai attack

Boston, April 16 (IANS) A woman who saw the horror unfold at the Boston Marathon compared it with the 2008 attack in Mumbai, the Indian city she was visiting when Pakistani terrorists went on a killing spree.

Stephanie Douglas had come up here from Virginia to cheer on her friend Linda Claire Willits when two bombs exploded, killing three people and injuring over 140.

She was reminded of 2008 when she was in Mumbai when 10 Pakistani terrorists sneaked into India’s commercial capital and went on rampage. As many as 166 people were killed in the Nov 26-28 mayhem.

“This is twice I’ve been in two cities when this kind of thing has been happening,” CNN quoted her as saying.

Willits crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon and texted Douglas who was waiting down the street at the bar at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

“I’m on my way,” Willits said.

Her friend, Stephanie Douglas was ready to celebrate.

Just then the first explosion took place, followed barely seconds later by a deafening roar that tore through the area.

“It was so strong the bar filled up with smoke and chairs tipped over,” Douglas said.

“I saw people — it was like they were on a trampoline literally flying through the air.”

Outside, one man’s legs were blown off, but he kept trying to stand up.

“This has been a traumatic event,” Willits said. “But I just feel like we can’t stop doing things that we enjoy doing, because then the terrorists win.”

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