14 people stabbed on US college campus

Washington, April 10 (IANS/EFE) At least 14 people were stabbed Tuesday on the Cy-Fair campus of Lone Star College in Cypress, Texas, and authorities say they have one person in custody in connection with the attacks.

Four of the victims with serious injuries were transported in helicopters and ambulances to nearby medical centers and the campus remains closed and is being evacuated, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said.

One person was arrested in connection with the incident, according to the sheriff’s office.

College authorities said that there is another suspect who is still at large, but the sheriff’s office denied that version.

The college posted on its web page a notice telling students to stay away from the campus where the stabbings occurred.

The incident comes two months after a shootout left three people injured on another Lone Star campus north of Houston.



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