Ryder out of coma, has no recollection of attack

Christchurch, March 30 (IANS) New Zealand batsman Jesse Ryder has come out of an induced coma and is talking to family and friends but doesn’t have any memory of the attack that put his life in severe danger.

Ryder was put in a state of induced coma after a bar brawl here threatens to end his cricketing career.

However by Friday he had given a “thumbs up” to his neurosurgeon after his sedation levels were lowered.

“It (seeing him emerge from the coma) was emotional for us that were there to see that. It happens quite quickly once they start changing the level of drugs,” Ryder’s manager Aaron Klee was quoted as saying in the local media Saturday.

“Just to see him wake up and acknowledge that you were there and then start asking for people I guess then you know that he’s there,” he said.

“We’re all pretty exhausted, it’s been a pretty difficult few days, but having some wins over the last 24 hours has been a huge relief.”

“He had a knock to the head and so they were assessing what sort of damage that may have done, but at the moment it very much looks like a very bad concussion.

“He’s got a bit of damage to his lungs and that’s been the toughest part and that’s what they’ve been most concerned about.”

“Naturally we are absolutely thrilled with the progress.”

Police investigating the incident Friday confirmed two men – a 20-year-old and a 37-year-old who are related – would appear in court 4 April after being charged with assault.

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