Jesse Ryder showing signs of recovery

Christchurch, March 29 (IANS) New Zealand cricketer Jesse Ryder is now stable and gave a “thumbs up” to his neurosurgeon Friday after his sedation levels were lowered.

A bar brawl here has left Ryder in a state of induced coma and also threatens to end his cricketing career.

Ryder’s manager Aaron Klee said the cricketer was doing fine and gave a thumbs-up to the doctors treating him. Klee said Ryder is now in stable condition, but was still on support system.

“They are assessing his coma at the moment and when the right time will be to bring him out of the coma. The support Ryder’s family and friends have received was phenomenal,” Klee said.

“We have had lots of down time sitting around and have been reading the messages of support… We have been collating those and trying to communicate them with Jesse,” Klee said.

Ryder’s mother, Heather, and his partner, Ally, also issued a written statement.

“Jesse will be chuffed knowing how many people care and have reached out, including the huge number of cricket fans and players from around the world.

“We have read many of the messages online over the past 24 hours and we are keeping them for Jesse to read when he recovers,” the statement read.

Heather and Ally thanked the ambulance staff who treated Ryder at the scene and also the hospital staff.

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