A new ray of hope – Empowering education in Ladakh

Ladakh: Joining hands with the Avalokitesvara Trust in Ladakh, a leading Direct Selling company QNET will support the Avalokitesvara Trust’s work in Ladakh as part of its ongoing CSR initiatives in India.

Youl Turtuk Govt Primary School
Youl Turtuk Govt Primary School, Ladakh

The company will support this project through its CSR arm, RYTHM Foundation, to establish libraries in 15 rural schools in Ladakh. Most schools in this region do not have adequate facilities for educational support. Children in these schools have very limited access to reading material and their lives are typically limited to the remote, mountainous terrain where they live.

The project is installing libraries and spaces for effective learning to support existing private, government, and monastic schools.

Other then setting up libraries in the region, the joint venture will also focus on conducting learning modules like drama workshops, medical camps, and empowering Ladakhi teachers.

Suresh Thimiri, CEO of QNET India says, “A key pillar of the RYTHM Foundation is education. There are a number of initiatives all over the country to promote education and learning, but very little reaches the remote areas of Ladakh.”

Abhigya Shukla, founder of Avalokitesvara Trust, says, “The project hopes to see children in the rural schools of Ladakh enhancing their learning experience and imagination through the activities and opportunities provided by these libraries.”

Avalokitesvara Trust works in the regions like Turtuk and Changthang, which is arguably the remotest region of our country. The joint venture hopes to see changes in the life of the youth of the region. The trust hopes to expand its operations in other remote and needy regions of the Ladakh Valley. Zanskar Valley is one such region where the trust wishes to start its operations soon.

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