The Kashmir Story

Oh My Kashmir!

Fragrance of morning zephyr,
Faded away.

And small twig of Chinar
Sliced away.

Yusuf’s glory
And independent throne,
Incarcerated away.

Zoon wanders,
Bare footed,
In hills of Chandhaar,
Widowed away.

Mehjoor’s Baghwan
Is strangled,
And now silently,
Buried and Hazed away……

Jhelum is mourning.
Wular clad scantily,
Golden eagle,
Warbles Horribly.
And nightingale of Kohimaran,
Nestled away.

Ashfaq is holding a gun,
To be martyred again,
Till , the ‘oppressor’ is
Jostled away…………

Iqbal’s Loolab turned red,
Shopian shivers with dreadful shrieks.
Sky of Poshpora,
in Grief,
Drilled, Thundered
And burst away

Author is a PhD. Scholar at the JNU  Delhi

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