Not just Vadra-Gandhi family: DLF land deals rock Himachal too

Shimla: Under fire for land deals with Robert Vadra companies, DLF is rocking politics in Himachal also as both BJP and Congress trade charges, alleging that land has been sold to the company in violation of state laws.

Defending charges of having sold land to DLF in Kasauli area, Arun Sen, a brother in law of former union minister Virbhadra Singh denied that he had anything to do with the real estate company.

Speaking to the media here just a while ago, he said that it was totally malicious, misleading and mischievous in trying to implicate Virbhadra Singh, by making false and baseless allegations against his relatives.

Arun Sen media conference

Sen was referring to a news report on Zee TV telecast yesterday which had claimed that Virbhadra had shielded his brother in law for violation in land ceiling laws and for sale of land to DLF.

Sen said that it was not he who had sold the land in question to DLF but it was the BJP government that had granted relatives of his to sell land to the company after giving permission under section 118 of HP Land Reforms and Ceiling Act.

In support of his argument, he even circulated copies of two documents in which permissions for land transactions to DLF Realities and Isawel Builders had been granted in March 2008, at a time when the new BJP government was only 3 months old after winning elections on 30th December, 2007.

Sen said that he along with 25 other co-sharers owned 1100 bighas of land, which was not in violation of abolition of big landed estates or the HP state land ceiling laws.

He denied that he was ever summoned by the one man benami commission regarding any illegality about violations in land laws.

Sen, who is a scion of Junga royal estate, said that to harass him, the BJP government had opened up land cases against him which stood settled 38 years ago.

A case about alleged violations of abolition of big landed estates had been settled in the Supreme Court on 28th December, 2003, he claimed.

Not me but it is BJP that is hand in glove with DLF for land deals. A case in point is the prime land deal in Bamloe, Shimla where DLF is constructing high end cottages, said Sen.

Who is Jaswant Singh ????

Displaying a set of documents, Sen held that they were papers pertaining to 18 land registries made in the name of one Jaswant Singh, a resident Bhnun village of Thural in Kangra district.

He said that the power of attorney for these land transactions was in the name of one  Kuldeep Singh, a resident of Halana from Hamirpur district.

Sen added that Jaswant was said to be close to chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal and his family, and alleged that Jaswant was a front for the chief ministers family in the land deals.

The total land involved in the 18 registries was 115 bighas of land in Kasauli region, the documents for which had been obtained under RTI and to evade stamp duty the total land value for registry purposes had been put at just Rs 41 lakhs.

“The market price of these lands is said to be much higher,” said Sen.

All the land transactions had been done between 23rd September, 2010 and 25 November, 2010, said Sen.

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  1. says: Digvijay

    Ok what BJP is doing when Vadra and priyanka and also outsider himachalis were making properties.
    They are hypocrites.

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