Naga sadhus join community protest against land sale

Mumbai: Around a dozen ‘naga sadhus’ (naked sadhus) from Haridwar created a flutter by joining a community protest against the proposed sale of a plot of land in south Mumbai here Monday.

The land belongs to a trust run by the Goswami community.

The naga sadhus from Haridwar, Uttar Pradesh, went to the office of the deputy charity commissioner, Worli, and registered their opposition to the proposed sale of a prime piece of land in Malabar Hill, said social activist Asha Goswami.

“With the sadhus joining 100-plus community members, Deputy Charity Commissioner Sharadkumar S. Patil has assured that he would investigate the matter and consider our objections before taking any decision,” said Goswami.

Patil will hear the matter again Oct 30, she added.

The land in question is around 40,000 square feet, worth approximately Rs.500 crore. For many years it has been a ‘samadhi’ where the community’s religious leaders have been laid to rest.

After the meeting, the community members and sadhus staged a demonstration against the trustees, who are accused of selling the community burial ground, she added.

At least one naga sadhu shocked the gathering by removing his clothes in public, but the others did not follow suit following stern police orders, Goswami said.


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