BJP to seek positive vote – Dhumal

PK DhumalShimla: With opposition Congress in a huddle over ticket distribution even as the Election Commission announced November 4 as poll date, BJP government led by Prem Kumar Dhumal laid out a list of achievements over the five year term and said that the party would seek a positive vote for a second consecutive term in office.

Other than the programs and polices implemented, the chief minister said that the negative and discriminatory attitude of the UPA government towards Himachal would also be part of the unfolding election campaign.

Despite having two members from Himachal in the union cabinet, the industrial package for the state was curtailed, said Dhumal at a media conference.

States were being burdened by centrally sponsored schemes, which after initially being supported by central funding were being left for the states shoulder in the later stages. Most states had raised the issue before the planning commission and national development council meeting, he said.

He added that a hydro engineering college to be setup by public sector companies NHPC and NTPC in Bilaspur had been withheld for political reasons.

Dhumal said that bringing down the state deficit was a challenge as was resource and employment generation.

About corruption being made an election issue, the chief minister said that UPA government in Delhi had surpassed all records: be it the commonwealth scam, 2G spectrum or Coalgate scam.

In response to a question about the party not having declared candidates on 23 for 23 seats, Dhumal said the issue was under discussion and the names would be finalized within two three days.

The chief minister denied that he had gone on a foundation laying spree of projects that did not have budgetary support. “No foundation stone has been laid of the project that does not have financial provision,” he said.

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