No flights for Shimla, Kullu

Shimla: With cash strapped Kingfisher Airlines having snapped flights to Shimla and Kullu, both popular tourist destinations are without any air connectivity and the strips and ground staff have been idle for over a fortnight.

“There are no flights available to or out of Shimla and Kullu,” an attendant at the tourist information center here said.

“While Kingfisher is operating flights on the Delhi – Dharamshala route, for the past fortnight there have been no flights to Shimla or Kullu,” said Deepak Sud, a air travel operator.

Kingfisher was the only operator running flights to these two hill destinations.

While Shimla has a mountain top landing and takeoff strip, in Kullu the strip is in the valley and provides the only air access route to Manali.

The state government has been pressing the union government to subsidize air travel to Himachal like it is so for north east and Jammu & Kashmir but has failed to get any concessions.

To encourage high end tourism, the state for long has also been vying for an international airport but has failed to settle upon a site that could be developed for the purpose.

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