Kashmir University official caught helping in cheating

kashmir UniversitySrinagar: A Kashmir university official today has been caught in helping a B.Ed examinee in cheating. The incident has happened in the community centre of Kashmir University where the B.Ed examination was taking place.

The Deputy controller of examination, Muhammad Yaseen Malik, had somehow got to know about this candidate and caught him possessing two answer sheets.

According to one of the fellow candidates, this fellow left centre midway during examination and returned after sometime.

“It was after he returned Mr. Malik grabbed him and got hold of two answer sheets he was possessing,” he said.

As reported by the sources, when candidate left the examination centre he went directly to the canteen where from he got the answer sheet filled with correct answers.

Immediately after this incident candidate and the official had been arrested and canteen where the incident is said to be taken place was seized.

The university officials are now trying to establish the fact whether this candidate has got correct filled answer sheet from university campus or from any other place.

However university officials have decided not to speak over the issue. When the controller examination Kashmir University was contacted he refused to comment.

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  1. says: Student

    This news has not been correctly reported. The Examination was held in Electronics Department housed in Humanities Block not in Community Block. The Examination was of MSC Electronics 1st Semester Backlog candidates. The Investigatory staff caught a candidate with smuggled Answer Script. After quizzing the candidate it was revealed by the candidate that he had purchased the answer script from a nearby canteen. Learning the gravity of the issue the Superintendent called the University Protocol Office who raided the canteen and found some more blank answer scripts. Dy. Superintendent’s Peon is believed to be involved in the scandal. The superintendent reporting Unfair Means Case to the Controller. Further investigations are on….

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