Himachal University to debate challenges posed by digital media

HPU Journalism DebateShimla: Challenging the domain of standard concepts and constructs of journalism, Himachal Pradesh University is to hold day long national seminar on Challenging the ‘Global’: Journalism in the Digital Age on 18th September.

The seminar would focus on how proliferation of digital media technologies challenges and helps evolve the established and standardized concepts of constructs of journalism, Dr Vikas Dogra, assistant professor department of journalism and co-convener of the seminar said.

Due to several historical processes Western thought and practices came to dominate several spheres of socio-political and economic life in the Third World, including journalism.

Through a process of social and political development in the Third World, there has been a gradual but a distinct shift from this standardization and stereotyping. The challenge is not necessarily from an adversarial position. The challenge is also in the form of reciprocity and mutual evolution, he said.

Yet another dimension of this technology-driven challenge is the global aspirations of the local, and the local pull for the global. What therefore we are witness to is the ‘globalization’ of not just the culture but also of journalism as a cultural artifact, say the organizers.

Vipin Pubby, Resident Editor, The Indian Express, Chandigarh would be the chief speaker at the inaugural session and Vice Chancellor, Himachal Pradesh University Prof. ADN Bajpai is to preside over the session. Prof. Vir Bala Aggarwal, chairperson department of journalism is convener of the seminar.

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