J&K Police personnel arrested with a Chinese Grenade

J&K Police Personnel Arrested with GrenadeSrinagar: Four men including an army man and a J&K police personnel were arrested after a Chinese grenade was recovered from them.

Police spokesman said that Constable Abdul Rahim posted at Ramban, Territorial Army man Muhammad Hanief, suspected militant Abdul Rashid alias Kaka, and a civilian Auranzeb were arrested for running a racket of procuring arms and ammunition illegally.

“With the help of Kaka, Aurenzeb approached trooper and policeman to purchase the Chinese grenade.”, said the spokesperson.

However police spokesman ruled out any militant connection in it, “during interrogation Auranzeb told police that he wanted to settle scores with his brother, Javed Iqbal after he had a fight with his brother.”

Auranzeb had planned to place grenade in his brother’s shop to prove him as militant after calling up security forces.

Police said that it was on his information police came to know about the involvement of army and police man.

Sources in the police department said that all the accused will be send to Joint Interrogation Center.

Zahid Maqbool is a freelance journalist based in Srinagar.

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