Baba Ramadev associate Balkrishan disallowed yoga classes in jail

Dehradun – Acharya Balkrishan, close associate of Swami Ramdev, who is currently in the Sudhobala jail here in the case pertaining to have procured a passport allegedly on the basis of forged documents has been denied permission by the Uttarakhand government to hold yoga classes in the jail premises.

According to reports, inmates of the jail had in a written request to the jail authorities asked that the Acharya be allowed to hold yoga classes so that they could benefit from his expertise, but it was denied.

Even the Acahrya himself requested the authorities that he be allowed to give yoga demonstration to the inmates, but that too was turned down.

Reliable sources said that the jail authorities took the plea that they will have to seek the permission of the state government for giving such permission and till that was received it would not allow the yoga classes.

On this the inmatyes gave an application that it be forwarded to the state government for necessary action, but they are still awaiting an official nod.

Meanwhile former minister for jails and presently legislator from Hardwar, Madan Kaushik also met the jail authorities and discussed the matter, but even his plea fell on deaf ears.

He reportedly tried to press home the point that yoga classes would benefit the inmates and they would hardly ever get such an opportunity of which they should be allowed to get the most benefit, but to no avail.

He also said that doing yoga exercised would not only give mental peace to the inmates but also reduce stress and tension but would also help them enjoy better health under their prevailing conditions.

In many jails across the country such yoga demonstrations have been held in the past and are also currently in vogue for the benefit of the inmates, but apparently the state government feels that it will increase the popularity of the yoga guru and hence the denial.

However the jailor claimed that no permission had been sought for holding the yoga classes within the jail premises as such there was no was in which permission could be given.

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