Monsoon in Himachal delayed by over a week

Shimla: The arrival of the southwest monsoon in Himachal Pradesh would be delayed by over a week, the weather office here said Thursday.

“There is no possibility of arrival of monsoon in the state before next week,” said Manmohan Singh, director of the meteorological office.
He said the monsoon normally hits the state by June 27.

Last year it was well in time and reached here by June 24, but rainfall during the season was eight percent deficient.

“Generally four days before and after the exact date of normal arrival are treated as its (monsoon) normal arrival. But this time it is much delayed,” Singh added.

Though delayed in 2010, the monsoon in the state was plentiful. It reached the state July 5 but brought 16 percent more rainfall than normal, compared to a 36 percent deficit in 2009.

Farmers here are desperately awaiting the monsoon rains as over 80 percent of farm area in the state is dependent on rains.

The officer said temperatures are favourable at this time of the year owing to “active western disturbance” in the region – a reference to the meteorological phenomenon that causes changes in temperatures and rainfall.

As per records of the meteorological office, monsoon in the past 31 years arrived 24 times in June, which is normal for the state.

“Seven times, including in 2010, the monsoon arrived late (in July),” Singh added.

Meanwhile, light rains caused by western disturbance brought down temperatures across the state.
Shimla recorded a high of 27.4 degrees Celsius, while it was 35.6 degrees in Dharamsala, 40.4 degrees in Una town and 25.4 degrees in Kalpa in Kinnaur district.

The state’s agriculture and horticulture economy is highly dependent on rainfall.


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